MusUK asks Jesta 10 questions

Jesta answers 10 Questions with MusUk

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Ever wondered what Jesta gets up to before a show? How about afterwards? These questions and 8 more were asked by MusUk in a recent interview that can be found here: Thanks MusUk for the deep probe (oo-er!)

Higher Dance Remix available now!

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Something a little different for you today – a dance remix of my song “Higher”! I wanted to give something to those of you who like something poppy and uptempo. You can listen right here and buy it directly if you like – or better still if you’re a subscriber it’s already available to you in your collection.

Jesta mini vlog 18th Dec 2014 – Illuminasia

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Trying to get into the habit of making some videos again, so just to get me started here’s a little bit about an attraction in Blackpool called Illuminasia. Taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 camera phone, sorry about the jerkiness!

The new website

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I thought it was about time for a fresh look here on the website! It was quite a long job, but I did it all myself – partly to save some money, and partly to learn a few things along the way. I hope you like it! As well as the redesign I also fixed a few compatibility issues. Since …

YouTube MTV video spoof

What exactly does that ‘M’ stand for anyway?

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It seems like a long time ago now, but did you have a good summer? You’re looking pretty good from my viewpoint, sitting here on my Jesta throne with my cup of tea (can you believe alcohol has only passed my lips on 5 occasions this year? Rock n’ Roll, eh?) Currently I’m busy busy busy with all sorts of …