One of the biggest problems moving home has had on my music production is the variation in the way different rooms sound. I was nicely set up in my studio room for a number of years at my previous address and the room was covered in acoustic foam tiles.

Now I'm in a much smaller room which has all sorts of problems: not enough space for any real sound treatment, too boxy, speakers too close to the walls… I've been slowly getting used to it but it's not ideal and with another imminent address change I've been looking for some kind of continuity when mixing tracks.

My saviour comes in the form of IK Multimedia's ARC. To put it simply ARC measures the way that any room affects sound and then applies some compensation to improve matters considerably. It works great and I can finally trust that what I'm hearing will translate well to other systems.

I would suggest that IK Multimedia's next project should be a device that measures how lack of time affects creative output and applies some advanced adjustment to time/space relativity to provide the required number of hours in the day! 

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