I pretty much breezed through this week! Chapter 4 of Music Success in Nine Weeks is all about social networking. Some people would call me a “social networking addict” but really it's just that I love web technology and I'm an early-adopter when it comes to most things.

Okay – maybe I am an addict – just look at how many networking icons I've got on my website! I've been using all the usual suspects, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc. for a considerable amount of time. Some networks I don't use very often but I make sure that I update them with new status messages, news, songs, pictures and blog posts whenever possible. However, reading this chapter did make me take a look at things from a different angle and gave me some ideas of new ways to use these fantastic (and almost entirely free) services.

I joined Twitter about three and a half years ago and I was one of those few people who “got” it immediately – and then spent ages trying to explain to my girlfriend how awesome it is! My first thought was how good it could be to send out a single message that all your friends could receive at the same time. “Going to see a band at Mo's Tavern in an hour – meet me there!”

It didn't take long for me to realize that it could also be an amazing tool for what would effectively be free advertising and would be perfect for the independent musician trying to reach out to an audience.

The same is true for Facebook pages – I created one as soon as they provided the ability to do so.

One thing I'm not doing that I should do more of is uploading photographs and videos. I'm thinking that maybe I should train up my 5-year-old to take candid shots for me!

The final part of the chapter is about getting your music on podcasts – I can proudly say that I think I've been quite successful at that over the last few years, with a few hundred shows featuring my music. I'd like to take this opportunity to once again thank those podcasters for their support!

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