With my hands on the Second Edition of Music Success in Nine Weeks (having the wrong version was a little confusing!) I set about looking further into a topic that I've only just started to get my head around – Blogging.

You would think that with my above-average knowledge of social networking and podcasting that I'd have it all washed, dressed up and sent to bed with a cup of cocoa with “RSS” written on the mug. But I've actually always had a problem – well, two problems: firstly, I have little time to read and participate with other people's blogs – I generally glance at the feed in Google Reader for 0.5 seconds to make sure I'm not missing any life-changing information; secondly, despite loving English and writing at school I've let any talent I had decompose into a severe case of writer's block!

So – on to the fixes… I'm finding that it's true what they say about writing – the more you do it the easier it becomes. Recently I'm finding it much easier to post things on the blog. I may not have many words of wisdom, and I'm certainly no Shakespeare, but it's certainly flowing far more freely than it did a few months ago.

As for getting the attention of other blogs – that's my new project. I'm looking for any blogs that would be likely to write a review of my music, or even just give it a casual mention. If you write a blog, or know of any good ones that I should take a look at please let me know with a comment on this post, or using the contact page on my website – http://JestaMusic.com – I'll happily include any suggestions in my Blog Roll…

…speaking of which – I'm off to create that right now! More about this week's adventure coming soon…

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