Week 5 of the Music Success In 9 Weeks blog challenge is one of those things that can never be crossed off a to-do list. It's become evident to me that this is something that would almost be worth employing a full-time researcher for. There's a huge number of blogs out there that focus on new music and because they are all written in very different ways, with different page designs, it's not something that you can get a clear vision of by a simple glance at a previously unseen blog.

I've found blogs that I would love to see my music featured on – some local to me and some worldwide. I'm going to continue building the list for the moment, but haven't yet taken the next step of submitting my music. Instead, I've decided to nurture the relationship for a while through commenting on other people's posts and linking to their blog if something peaks my interest.

Also, ideally I want blogs to talk about my imminent release rather than the few songs I've currently got available (yes, the album is closer than ever to release!).

One thing I came across during my blog-exploring so far that puts me on a minor downer is that I've seen a fair amount of negative blogging and/or negative comments. Coupled with that, some blogs seem to be somewhat of a clique that's hard to get into. I guess life is generally like that and you have to take the rough with the smooth but I think it's a shame.

As ever, I welcome any feedback or suggestions for interesting blogs and I'm looking forward to having some free time to do some serious reading too!

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