It's often said that “content is king” and during the course of reading Music Success in Nine Weeks I'm beginning to realize just how true this is. A lot of the notes I've taken recently have started with the word “More” – more photos, more video, more anecdotes, more audio… of course the word “Better” should always be applicable too! The whole content creation process comes together to provide a backbone for this week's topic in the book – connecting with fans using newsletters.

Firstly, if you'd like to sign up to receive the newsletter, it's simple to do so – just use the mailing list form on this webpage, or if you have any trouble just contact me and I'll add you. I have a strict policy of not giving out your email address to spammers, or anybody else for that matter. I'll send newsletters no more than 2 or 3 times a month unless there's particularly exciting news, and you'll be amongst the first to hear about any competitions, free downloads and much more.

So, obviously a newsletter is potentially a great way to contact people – unlike social networks people know that important things come into their email box and are far more likely to check it regularly and far less likely to ignore things – particularly if the content is good.

I've drafted up a few ideas for future newsletters and it's become very obvious that having those “More” things I mentioned is going to be of great importance otherwise the newsletter is going to be somewhat sparse! I need to begin to document my music creation more often, so that I'll have plenty of content to choose from that may be of interest to my fans.

The next step is to begin to get into the habit of sending newsletters regularly – just like blogging it's probably one of those things that becomes much easier the more you do it!

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