I'm a bit late this week blogging about chapter 7 of Music Success in Nine Weeks because I've needed to let this one sink in a bit and try to let my mind do it's own thinking outside of the box.

The aim is to build my email newsletter list. Making sure family and friends are included was the first step and was simple enough – nobody has asked not to be on the list… yet! The next step is to approach other more casual acquaintances and I'm in the process of doing that now.

The web site is already set up to try to persuade people to part with their email address in exchange for free downloads. However I've not found this to be particularly effective – I think people still have a sense of insecurity in giving away their details. I'm going to try putting a prominent notice alongside the signup form to try to reassure potential subscribers that their information is safe. Hopefully that will catch some of those people who have hesitated and changed their minds.

I have a number of ideas for getting new subscribers at live concerts, but at the moment I'm not gigging so I'm going to keep some of these private for the time being (I want to be the first!). Ideas revolving around raffles, competitions and giveaways do sound like they could be very effective though so I'm excited about trying them out.

There's another idea I may try – aiming for the local market. I've got a huge pile of business cards that I've never used. I'm thinking about writing on the back of them – something like “Local area musician seeks your support – free download on the web site” and then getting rid of them by posting them through letterboxes, leaving them in cafes, on the bus etc. Also, I've got an idea for approaching local newspapers that could gain some interest.

Ariel suggests putting time aside each week to concentrate on building your newsletter list – a great idea because it's something that would otherwise be put on the “I'll do that when I've got more time” list and would never get any attention.

So, that's this week – anyone reading who wants to join the newsletter list can do so simply by using the signup form, or the “free downloads” button on this web page – and I'd be very glad to have you!!

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