[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGCG97N_HW8?rel=0&w=480&h=390]

I thought I'd try a) doing an acoustic cover version and b) trying to film it while I record. I chose to do this fantastic song called “Lying” by Amy Meredith, an Australian band that I really like. This was all a bit of an experiment as I've never really done anything quite like this before – filming each part as I recorded it and then trying to sync them and compile them into a single video. Here's what I learned in the process:

1) I could really do with a decent video recorder – I only have the iSight webcam built into my laptop! So the picture quality is not great and getting into a decent position where I could record a good sound on the microphone while also capturing the performance on camera was pretty tricky too! Camcorder donations very welcome thank you!

2) I suck at getting a one-take performance and had to fix the audio in a couple of places by dropping in. I probably could have practiced more and got one take but I ran out of time.

3) I wish I'd checked the format I was recording in before I started – as it turned out I had to re-encode every video to fix the frame rate and dimensions and change the audio sample rate so that it would work in the project.

4) It's very handy if you remember to put a sync point in at the beginning of the video. I clapped my hands at the same point on each video (once I'd realised it was a good idea) and it helped to sync the picture with the audio a great deal. Still, it wasn't perfect and it's probably out a bit.

5) It's probably a good idea to plan how exactly you are going to put each video part into the frame – I kinda bodged it and made them fit wherever I could so it's a bit messy!

6) Using a CD storage box as percussion works pretty well.

I think I'll try this again sometime – practice makes perfect!

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