One of the hardest things to do these days is to find new music that you love. Sure there's some great shows that have a variety of tracks by different artists, but all too often you hear a song you like, go to investigate the band and find out that that was in fact their ONLY good song! Audio Gumshoe is a horse of a different colour. It's an audio show hosted by Rich Palmer (who I list in my “good friends who I've never met anywhere other than cyber-space” category) and each show concentrates on music from just one artist. It's a great way to get a proper taste of the artist's music and, even better, a bit of a biography about them too. I highly recommend subscribing to the podcast – if you don't like the featured artist one week just skip it and wait for the next show – Rich features a diverse selection of music so there's bound to be a gem in there for everyone.

Show 142 was all about me! I don't blame Rich for taking so long to get around to me – it's my fault for taking such a long time to put a decent number of songs together! Why not take a listen and if you don't like my music stay subscribed anyway? 😀

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