It seems like a long time ago now, but did you have a good summer? You’re looking pretty good from my viewpoint, sitting here on my Jesta throne with my cup of tea (can you believe alcohol has only passed my lips on 5 occasions this year? Rock n’ Roll, eh?)

Currently I’m busy busy busy with all sorts of things. I’m really enjoying singing in the rock covers band Airtight – come and see us on December 8th at The William Mitchell in Morecambe!

Jesta on MTV

Anybody old enough will remember that the ‘M’ in ‘MTV’ used to stand for ‘Music’ but youngsters will only remember them ever showing reality TV shows. Well at last some more music projects coming from MTV and now you can find Jesta on the MTV website! It would be great if you could share it with your friends, retweet it, Like it etc. It’s really easy to do, just follow the link and click on the black share button – then you can choose where you want to share it. Brownie points for anyone that shares on every service! Wait – I almost forgot, you need the link first! Here you go:

On a similar topic I found this funny video that (doesn’t really) answer the question about why MTV no longer plays much music. Beware though, it’s a little offensive!

YouTube MTV video spoof

So, that’s all for now – don’t forget to share that MTV page!!

I hope if Winter is settling in where you are that you are keeping warm!
Rock ‘n’ Peace ‘n’ Love ‘n’ Roll,



P.S. I just KNEW I’d be on MTV one day! Tell everybody!

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