Suffolk’n’Cool 255

I love hearing my music on the Suffolk'n'Cool podcast because I'm always in the company of such amazing other artists – it's like when a good friend asks you to join them for dinner party and the coolest people are sat at the table. I come...

Audio Gumshoe with a Jesta Special!

One of the hardest things to do these days is to find new music that you love. Sure there's some great shows that have a variety of tracks by different artists, but all too often you hear a song you like, go to investigate the band and find out that that was in...

Market Watch

Unexpectedly even mentioned the iDog song on their site. You need to register to see the whole story, but in short amongst a discussion about marketing they said,This week, a rock group from the United Kingdom added a song to Curry's Podsafe Music...

Griddlecakes Radio

The adfather and original inspiration for alternative advertising for the iDog played the song with some interesting commentary. I'm talking about the fabulous Griddlecakes radio of course!

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